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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Wednesday Words - Do You Find Me Shy Yet?

Do You Find Me Shy Yet?

She checked his profile one more time. Andre liked them shy? She'd give him shy. Her hands flipped through racks of silk dresses. Too skimpy, too short, too elegant. Did she even own anything that said, "Shy?"

Her hand closed over cotton. Plain white blouse, high neck, long sleeves. Plain black skirt that dangled almost to her ankles. If she kept her makeup light...

She checked her look one more time on her way out. Shy, definitely.

Her tongue flicked over her fangs as she smiled.

This was for all the shy girls hoping to meet a nice man. Andre wasn't a nice man. He'd soon regret his preference for shy girls.

But not for long.

I joined a group where we write a very short piece every week based on a prompt. I'm going to be posting almost every Wednesday.

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