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Monday, June 10, 2013

Let Silliness Ensue!

I've been on a comedy kick. I love a good laugh. I also appreciate comics that are clean enough my kids can enjoy them, too. Here are some of the fun things I've been watching.

Studio C, produced by BYUtv.
This started as a student comedy group known as Divine Comedy. You can find them on YouTube. The humor for some sketches is specific to BYU culture, but it's still pretty funny. The tv show they produce is hilarious. I think the character Mr. Eddleston is my new favorite character of all time. (Look for him in "Driver's Ed" and "Hunting Trip") These actors are very talented, too.
This is beyond bizarre. It's a black and white animated... thing. It's Russian, but it doesn't rely on words, just images. It's the three Bogatyrs, Russian folk heroes, who do some very strange things. This episode is them facing off against Darth Vader who has decided to destroy Earth for some reason of his own. It's funny, really funny. Especially when you're on Benadryl for allergies. They've made a bunch more of them, but since they're all titled in Russian, you'll just have to follow the YouTube links.
This isn't where I first saw the picture but it's the idea that makes me giggle. Since I got an exercise ball at Christmas, this has become a joke acted out regularly at my house. Remember, kids, don't swallow your gum or this might happen to you!

The Troubadour
My boss writes this blog. It's hilarious. Not always, some days it makes me cry. But most posts get at least a smile, sometimes a laugh, and occasionally, falling-off-the-couch-snorting-so-hard-it-hurts laughter.

Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels
I love this movie. Always good for a laugh or three.

What do you do for kicks and giggles? What makes you laugh?